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A project you can trust


  1. Investor Security 100% - Several security measures have been kept in place to make sure investors' funds are absolutely safe. Such as, Liquidity lock for 1 year, Team KYC, Contract Audit, Contract ownership renounce etc.

  2. High Investment Return - The team comprises of highly experienced members who have participated in several successful projects that are known worldwide. By being a member of the BABYDOGE CEO, your chance of making good profit is very high.

  3. Low Transaction Fees - Cheap gas fees is ensured by building the token on the Binance Smart Chain network. The tokenomics is designed to afford users a cheap tax of 5% upon each trade done with the BABYDOGE CEO Token.

  4. Strong Community - The already existing community of the DOGE and the BABYDOGE, will rally behind the BABYDOGE CEO Token strongly and this will cause price explosion during presale and launch. Power will be accorded the community once ownership is renounced on launch, and they will be able to make decisions that will impact the project positively.

  5. Utility based Token - Being supported with useful and exciting utility products, can only mean that the token will always see upward growth. The community will always grow because of our enticing products that promises to give max reward to user.

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