♨️How it works

It is very important to first acquire that BABYDOGE Token either through presale or purchasing from any BSC compatible DEX, this will give you membership access to making great rewards from any of our products.

Every player of the "Doge Jump-to-earn" game has limitless opportunity to earn tremendous reward from playing either of the game modes: The Global Challenge mode and The Player VS AI mode. Both modes are designed to give massive BNB reward to Top 3 winners and goals achiever respectively.

All community members will be able to access the BABYDOGE CEO Art generator fully powered by the AI. This will be very handy for the Art creators and and NFT creators alike and a good way to make passive income by building powerful NFT designs for project owners. We will have a leader board on our website that will enable us reward the Top 5 best creators of the month.

As this project is for the community interest, there will be constant community contest to keep the exciting and rewarding for all. The project is built in the direction of profit making for community members.

Strong marketing on the digital platforms and showing our community power on platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Reddit, through shillings and raids. Combining these with strategic marketing moves will ensure that every community makes great profit from investment and hard work.

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