🎮Doge Jump-To-Earn

AI Powered Game

"Doge Jump" is our AI Powered game, it is designed to give much competitive gameplay to users. The "Player VS AI mode is very addictive and stretches your intellectual skills to the max limit. 20 Users will be able to compete in global challenge mode with staked BNB, top 3 winners takes it all. The gameplay is a bit tricky due to the difficulty algorithm embedded by the AI. The Top 3 winners will be totally deserving of their winnings.

Players could also test their level of intellect against the AI, in the Player vs AI mode. At every level completed or achieved goal, user is rewarded with a certain amount of BNB, automatically available to be withdrawn into the connected BSC wallet address.

It is important to noted that, to be able have growth effect on the Token, every player of the "Doge Jump" game must first purchase at least 0.3 BNB worth of the Token. This will give access to players once the connected wallet is detected to hold the BABYDOGE CEO Token.

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